Voice Demos

2012-10-11 23:49:45 by Doppoganga

Sup y'all, Doppoganga here? So I was playing this game called "Talk Head" out of boredom, with my girlfriend's voice in it. Then I was into it and use one of my member's Old Spice Imitation for. What happen was we was just testing out my Blue's Snowball USB microphone last year and he was the test subject. But you know what? Screw it, might as well put our voice demo here. Since I see his Old Spice Imitation already the "Best of 2012" (I don't even know if they're for real or not, like holy crap.), I might as well add all the voice demo too.

So what y'all gonna see is not only my music, but a random voice acting by my crew, R.U.L.E. (Re-Uniting Losers Everyday), and myself included. Be on the lookout for that. While y'all wait for that, let us entertain you with this:

That's about it, so PEACE XO!!!


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2012-10-20 21:35:25

Heyya Minh its Kesa decided to make my own Newgrounds page just dropping by to say hi and Bye lol

Doppoganga responds:

*Gasp* 8O!!!!!! KESA XO!!!!