Rapt.FM: The Come Up Rap Contest

2013-10-16 15:00:15 by Doppoganga

Sup y'all, Doppo here. Epic hi! I know this is kinda off topic, but I need your help. I just enter my first rap contest. Rapt.fm's The Come Up contest is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an aspiring rapper to win a single distribution deal from Tommy Boy Entertainment, who brought you De La Soul, Gucci Mane & Queen Latifah! Please vote for me and spread the word. Don't stop me from listening to it, I like to add some video game/anime reference in my music. The name's Doppoganga by the way. MUCH LOVE GUYS =^O^=!!!



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2013-10-17 08:18:37

Looks like you're in the lead! Really smooth track too, though I haven't browsed the competition yet. I'd vote if they didn't have the FB login integrated...

Doppoganga responds:

Much love, appreciate the thought :D. It'll be alot easier if there's another way to vote besides Facebook. Honestly, I find it surprising I'm in the lead so fast.


2013-10-17 12:51:11

Yeah, there are easier ways too, simple voting systems they could implement at the click of a button... it's just that all sites/companies want to spread the hype via FB for added audience. What they don't understand is they are feeding FB rather than their own business, and it's just devouring all the competition! Standalone sites get swallowed by the FB frenzy, with the possibility to use groups or pages rather than create forums with separate userbases or seperate domains. With everybody gathered at the same place it's just begging to get abused too, and it's much easier for collective snooping by governments and large corporations. Ah well, better not get carried away with the ranting. :P

It's easier to keep a lead than to get one! The future's seeming bright. :)